Advanced Polymer Technology’s renowned Rekortan® track system is a diverse, world class series of polyurethane running tracks that are unmatched in quality and performance.


Rekortan M99 is a 15mm, impermeable, full-pour system featuring 3 specialized layers: a self-leveling fluid applied polyurethane coat, an innovative central force-reduction layer, and a fluid applied polyurethane topcoat with a dense matrix of broadcast EPDM rubber granules with no solvents or filler added.


Solvent free


Rekortan R-10 is a 2-layer, 10 mm, impermeable full pour system. It consists of a self-leveling base coat and a flood and chip topcoat of polyurethane and embedded EPDM rubber granules.


Rekortan G-10 is a dual durometer, 13mm, impermeable full pour system. The first layer consists of a self-leveling PU made from environmentally friendly, renewable resources. The top layer is fluid applied and embedded with a dense matrix of EPDM rubber granules.


Environmentally friendly


Rekortan resurface is available to maintain and prolong the use of your track.